Shack Mats

Shack mats are made of velvet and are backed with a soft felt lining. These can be placed anywhere in your radio room, for example, you could rest the front of your radio on one.  Shack mats are available in a different range of colour options.  For a full list of our available colours, please see our drop down menu in the shop.
We currently offer these with Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu branding.  (It is also possible to embroider your call sign on one, please contact us for further details).

Shack Mats in a gold colour

Kenwood Gold Shack Mat Radio Radio Dust cover
Icom Gold Shack Mat Radio Radio Dust cover
Yaesu Gold Shack Mat Radio Radio Dust cover

Shack Mats in a wine red colour

Kenwood Shack Mat Red wine
Icom Shack Mat red wine
Yaesu shack mat red win

Shack Mats  in a peacock blue colour

kenwood shack mat peacock blue
Icom shack mat peacock blue
Yaesu shack mat peacock blue