flexradiosystems_dxcovers_2Flex Radio Systems radio dust cover by DX Covers

Prism embroidery is proud to present our exclusive range of DX Covers.  Each Flex Radio System radio dust cover is specifically tailored to fit and protect your expensive investment from scratches and dust when not being used. They also offer a light level of mechanical protection from small items coming into contact with your equipment.

Time and money has been spent in the development of these radio dust covers to make them look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Each cover is made using a high-quality leatherette and then embroidered with the company logo and model number.  If you would prefer, your call sign could be placed on there instead.  Once this is completed, the cover is then lined in a soft felt which helps to keep your equipment looking as good as the day it came out of the factory.

All our products come with free shipping to the United Kingdom.